Explore the world through music

Music Workshop creates and provides K-8 teachers with free high-quality, culturally responsive music & humanities curriculum.

Music is for everyone! It has the power to engage, educate and inspire all students to…

  • Express themselves
  • Connect with each other
  • Be global citizens

Will you play a part in bringing vibrant music education to classrooms everywhere?

Reinventing K-8 music history and appreciation.

We are breaking the mold of traditional approaches to music history and appreciation by bringing broader cultural relevance and fresh perspectives into K-8 classrooms.

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Music Workshop partners with a diverse network of advisors to enrich our programming with their cultural insight and expertise. Together, we create well-rounded courses packed with all the resources educators need to teach music history and appreciation in a respectful and culturally appropriate way.


Music Workshop creates culturally responsive music education programming that prioritizes representation and inclusion. We want all students to see themselves in the music and have the opportunity to discover instruments, genres and musical influences from around the world.


We strive to make music education fun for students and teachers alike. With fresh and relevant material, we inspire them to be creative and expressive as they explore the world of music together.

A group of kids in a classroom raise their arms over their heads and bring their hands together in a point.

Music in education makes better humans

We believe it’s important to cultivate a love of music in students from a young age.

By giving students opportunities to explore a broad range of music, we strive to inspire them to use music as a tool to improve their lives.

Scientific research shows that high-quality music education can directly impact the development of crucial life skills.

  • Improve academic performance, memory and focus
  • Accelerate language learning
  • Develop empathy and social awareness

Exposing students of all backgrounds to global cultures through music can help them reach their full potential as conscientious global citizens.

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