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Our Program

Music Workshop programming is available to all K-8 teachers free of charge via our online portal. Create an account, choose a course, and you’re ready to start teaching. The hardest part is choosing which topic to teach first!

On-demand music education

Music Workshop programming comes in four categories: musical genres, instruments, careers in music and music from cultures around the world. Teachers can download everything they need to teach a course from the Music Workshop portal, and materials are customized for grade levels K-2, 3-5 and 6-8.

These courses are designed to stand on their own or be grouped together, so they can be taught in any order and are easy to incorporate into an existing curriculum.

Here’s a peek at how teaching a Music Workshop course looks in a grade 3-5 classroom.

Easy, fun and engaging

Each Music Workshop course is around 50 minutes long and combines video, teacher-led question and answer sessions, an active listening exercise and a movement activity. By integrating music education with reading, physical activity, active listening and critical thinking, we not only engage and connect students but also show them how music can play a significant role in their everyday lives.

“They were so overjoyed to see musicals that were current and relevant! One student was so thrilled when he saw a musical that he had watched with his parents that he almost popped when asked about it! Great connections! This is an incredible and valuable resource at our school. Thank you for all of the hard work that you do! It makes an amazing difference!”

Cami, Creston Elementary

“A few students that normally don’t seem very interested in music were very eager to answer the questions and learn about classical music. The program provided differentiation in my classroom so all students could be reached through a new aspect of music.”

Nancy, Kelly Elementary School

“They LOVED this first course! The information presented was easy for them to understand and extremely engaging. Keeping it relevant and somewhat contemporary is key! I am so excited about using this program. I haven’t been this excited about supplements to my curriculum ever and this is my 29th year teaching! THANK YOU!”

Linda, OABCIG Elementary

A collage of three photos, including a mariachi band, a standing group of drummers, and conga players.

Relevant and vetted cultural content

We partner with a diverse network of advisors to create well-rounded courses packed with all the resources educators need to teach music history and appreciation in a respectful and culturally appropriate way. Our program advisors bring deep knowledge of the cultures and musical traditions represented in Music Workshop programming, as well as their own talents and lived experiences. They also help us continually update our programs over time to keep them relevant as cultural lenses evolve. Meet our advisors.

Here’s a preview of our course on Latin American and Caribbean Music and musical traditions.

A group of school children sitting on the floor of a classroom holding up papers with writing and drawing about music.

Standards-based music education

Music Workshop courses are developed to align with national music education and humanities standards and promote cross-curricular learning for students in grades K-8. We provide documentation detailing how each course addresses standards requirements for music, social studies and English language arts in each grade band.

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