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Music Workshop provides teachers with free access to high-quality, culturally responsive music & humanities education, because we believe it’s important to cultivate a love of music in students from a young age. Our work empowers teachers to bring an innovative approach to music history and appreciation in their classrooms and inspires students to enrich their lives through music – and we couldn’t do it without you.

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A collage of five photographs, including, a cellist, South Amercan dancers and drummers, a female pianist, Lin Manuel-Miranda, and a ukulele with maraca.
School children of different ethnicities stand around a globe, with one pointing to a location.

We connect students to the world, and each other, through music

Music Workshop’s Culture Series exposes students to music, instruments, genres and ideas from around the world, an experience that is especially rare in grades K-8. These programs provide students with a connection to the global community and spark curiosity that will follow them throughout their educational journeys.

We prioritize representation and inclusion in all of our programming. We want all students to be able to see themselves in the music and use it as a tool to connect with each other. Studies show that culturally responsive education strategies improve students’ self-esteem, motivation, emotional well-being and trust in adults – all of which can lead to better overall academic performance. For students of color, especially, seeing their cultural heritage positively reflected in the classroom through music can create a powerful sense of belonging and pride.

“This course enabled my class to share personal connections with their heritage or parents’ lived cultural experiences and allowed others to be listeners to differing perspectives. My younger students expressed a lot of pride in the representation in this course, through heightened enthusiasm and the eagerness to teach dancing styles to each other.”

Ashley, St. James Santiago School

“The kids loved the program – particularly one student who is a foster child with Native background. He was thrilled that I was presenting things he knew about and the others didn’t. He confirmed all kinds of facts for us and he’s still talking about it days later!”

Catherine, Grandview Public School

“My school has a very high Latinx population. During the Mariachi portion of the video there was a clip of a little boy singing in a band. I paused and explained to a 5th grade class how brave the little boy is to be singing in front of everyone. One of my students who is from Central America said, ‘Actually, miss, it’s not uncommon to see this type of thing,’ and a few other students nodded. This proved my ignorance and was a wonderful moment for my students to teach me and contribute to the lesson.”

Schriel, Brookside Elementary

We make it easy for teachers to bring music into their classrooms

Our programming is designed to teach students about music through a combination of active listening, reading, physical activity and critical thinking. By making it easy to incorporate standards-based music education into the school day, we help schools make quality music education accessible to all students.

Music Workshop courses can be taught by any educator, regardless of their musical background, location or means. Along with its various applications within a curriculum, our program’s flexibility allows for high-quality, turnkey lessons perfect for an unexpected remote learning day or last-minute substitute.

“Music Workshop has been so beneficial in my music classroom this year, because without a curriculum and limited supplies, free resources such as this provide interesting and informative lessons that are easily implemented in any classroom at any point in the year.”

Nancy, Kelly Elementary School

“For our virtual learning experience during COVID-19, your program is my curriculum. Thank you!! I really appreciate the thought and planning put into Music Workshop and really appreciate being able to use it. Music Workshop will continue to be a part of my curriculum even after COVID. Consider me your number one fan!!!”

Robert, Idlewood Elementary school

“Love it! I know that a sub could easily show the videos and do the followup, so it is nice to have the option to leave it for him or her. But I enjoy them so much that if I don’t need a sub, I will still use them periodically through the year. Thank you!!!!”

Carol, Chehalem Elementary

Close-up of a saxaphone in a brass section.

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