Music Workshop is grateful for our foundation, corporate and personal partners who help us to create and deliver an educational Music Program for all students grades K-8.  We thank them for educating, inspiring and motivating students through the art of music.  #musicisforeveryone




The Bill Swigert Fund

Metro West Women’s Group

BP Lester and Regina John Foundation

The Hampton Family Foundation




Amy and TJ Richter,  Leslyn and Michael Ingram,  Amy and Daniel Dick,  Peter and Leslie Richter, Larry Melton,  Mary Stein,  Oregon Music Hall of Fame,  Harold and Arlene Schnitzer,  Alyson and Tim Taylor,  Iris Harrison,  Mike and Judy Holman,  Andrew Holtz,  Anne Litt,  Richard and Trudi Morrison,  Stacey Lynn, Andy and Nancy Bryant, Paul and Vicki Linnman, Jason Fellman, Lavelle Province, Rafael Astorga, Metro West Women’s Group, Aaron Meyer, Dylan Leeds, Broad Investments, Raleigh Hills Elementary School, Concordia University, Stu and Trish Hall, Amira Dughri, Bobbie and Payman Aflatooni, Dr. Jon Hanifin, Bill Russell, Willie Roy Jr., Tim Leatherman, Kristin and Kevin Corcoran, David and Bonnie Bennett, Karen Shimada, Escuela Viva, Maryann Sweet, Cini Apostole, Nancy Monson, G Doug Bundy, Kirsten and Jason Maycumber, Basha Richter, Lishka Richter, Gerald and Carolee Kolve, Scott Farmer, Lindsey and Kirt Voreis, Marjorie Maletzky, Trevor and Julie Kafoury, Pat and Shannon Oldham, Douglass McLean Hamilton, Chris McAyeal and Scott Harris, Cathy and Frank Blaszak, Chris and Lauren Garrett, Bonnie and Lee Garrett, Deborah Rhoades, Marcy and Nick Stearns, Tanya and Scott McLean, George Robertson, Hank and Carrie Johnson, Rebecca Webb, John and Linda Hardham, Dan and Melissa Morlan, Geraldine Work, Peggy and Dave Amato, Sarah and Dennis Asby, Linda Brower Nicholson, Camille and Rich Dodge, Terry and Bob Erb, Carla and Keith Herring, Ann and Gary Johnson, Karolin and Pete Lennon, Nancy and Bruce Markusen, Janet and Ron May, Myrna and Larry Miller, Karol and Tom Rykert, Becky and Jay Trullinger, Kathy and Stan Zak, Bob Brooks, Teena Ainslie, Kathy Olson, June Henry, Rhonda Herring, Dana Rich, Maureen Larsen, Amy Frewing, Jennifer Amundson, Josh and Katherine Sasaki, Zach and Trang Hopkins, Tracy Beadles, Bruce Toms, Andrew and Kelly Holtz, Emily and Bill Shields, Michelle Brenes, ZoeRichter, Kyle Richter, Michael Richmond, Michelle Prather, Jill and Ken Abere, Craig and AnneMarie Reger, Joshua Strauss, Matt and JJ Turner, Tom and Kendra Biller, Bill and Julie McCrae, Alycia Johnson, Nike, Josh and Angie Unruh, Wears My Shirt, Gregory Steward, Ivan Schwarz, Denise Dalecio, Rich Stahl, Andrew Ahn, Angie and Jeff Parker, Erin Sorenson, Wendy and Rich Cawley, Jered Freng, Christopher Mar, Stuart Pitts, Alycia and Nicolas Johnson, Paul and NancyFrisch, Laurence and Gayle Cable, Matt Stein, John Hart, Jack and Barbara Schwartz, Amara and Brian Norman, Kristy and Andy Morlan, Kevin Welch, Ann Gerson, Janet May, Laura and Seth Jensen, Gregory Stewart, Julie Grandfield, Douglass Ross, James Ingram, Maria Calleia, Ron and Becky Eisman, Kelly Skelton, Ed and Becky Lang, Karen and John Mares, Maria and James Bruce, Lisa Bellomo, Nancy Banks, Gergory Stewart, Dan Jacobson, Steve and May Bonfiglio, Gary and ChrisEngel, Julie Granfield, Rick Stahl, Carl Christoferson, Robin Davin, Stephanie Diamond, Mike and Cherie Peck, Andrea Stahl, Robin Davin, Janice Duffy, Pete and Kathy Mann, Art Tierce, Sopie and Brad Anderson, Amy Ware, Jen and Rick Johnson, Laura and Seth Jensen, Karla Voigt, Cheryl Bland, Eric and Laryssa Aitkens, Doug and Kristen Johanson, Justin Miller, Steven Lybrand, Bonfiglio Law, Ann Gerson, Angie Garcia, Jon and Barbara Rosenthal, Wei Nathan, Jim and Diane Baker, Adam Peistrup