About Our Program
  • Music Workshop is predicated on the ‘open education’ concept: a global movement that brings quality online education to schools and students everywhere, free-of-charge
  • The program is delivered through an online portal, providing easy access for schools to obtain and allowing them to work through it at their own pace
  • Each course presents facts and examples of music history and music appreciation, exploring the worlds of different instruments and genres.
  • Any volunteer or teacher can facilitate a Music Workshop course – no knowledge of music is necessary
  • Each course is a combination of a video and live interaction with a “Maestro” (the person who teaches the lesson)
Why Our Program is Unique
  • Music Workshop is simple and easy to execute
  • Each course is segmented to allow ultimate flexibility with timing restrictions
  • It is free to all K-8 schools, students and their families
  • Each course is presented during school hours, resulting in an equal educational opportunity for all students
  • Each course uniquely weaves in multiple educational disciplines and aligns with music education standards
  • Music Workshop’s program supplements reduced or eliminated school programs and compliments existing music programs
  • Our aim is to inspire students to appreciate the arts, motivate them to play an instrument and educate them on how to incorporate music to enrich their lives
  • We intentionally exposes students to a broad spectrum of music so they are empowered to choose their own musical paths
How it Works

It’s as Easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Apply (applications take 1 business day to process)
  2. Review welcome email and watch training video
  3. Login and download your first course

Maestros Movements


Maestro’s Movements is our new website that presents short educational videos teaching students about the world of music, including history, genres, instruments, influential musicians, styles, terms and more. Each video provides students with extended learning opportunities such as games and interactive activities, bringing the world of musical knowledge to everyone.

For free and no login required!